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Getting Two Birds Stoned At Once

Jamie here and I am excited to mention that it's finally happened, the boys from Sunnyvale got their own legal weed bearing their trademark (at least for a very short time). If you're not familiar with the Canadian made cult classic "Trailer Park Boys' ' it is a mockumentary following the lives of three alternative entrepreneurs from a trailer park in Newfoundland and their get rich quick schemes. One of the most common themes running through the 13+ seasons of the show is the boys growing the best weed in Canada “Way better than any governor-mints weed”

Originally their bud was released as Trailer Park Buds, I was immediately enthralled with the large silver bag that proudly said “Big Bag Of Weed” on the label and had the classic “Trailer Park Buds'' logo right across the front of the bag. Apparently there have been some legal problems about celebrity endorsement since. Now the bags have the Trailer part of the label blacked out in a half assed, last minute that'll do style. Which is probably the most appropriate way possible for the show to express itself.

Currently there are two different strains offered by Park Buds, Itodaso Indica, and Two Birds Sativa. (Both names are Rickisims..from the show, google that if you need too) Anyways I had a mid week camping trip planned with some of my buddies and thought that would be a perfect time to buy a big bag of weed and see just how stoned two birds could get. I was super happy when I opened the bag to see the consistency of all the buds! Fresh smelling and still a little sticky it was a treat to see it all spread out on my coffee table, the two moisture packs included did their job perfectly! (check out the pictures below) I did find a small amount of stems on a few of the buds but even after trimming the nugs there couldn't have been more than a half gram of stuff to toss out.

These buds looked too tempting! I couldn't even wait until my camping trip to try them out. The first night we got the bag home me and the roommate rolled up a few quick joints and then went for a walk. The effects were quick and powerful. I was buzzing and floating mid joint, a nice hit of energy but nothing to racy or panic inducing. If you have read any of my reviews from before (check out our other blog posts) you will know I'm a lightweight when it comes to cannabis, but my well seasoned roommate found it a perfect sativa hit even if he had to smoke twice as much as me haha. (This particular batch was 16.8% THC)

The camping trip was like spending a few days in Sunnyvale (The trailer park in the show if you're not familiar ). Where the boys celebrate in absolute class (Insert sarcasm). The Two Birds was great to wake up with and fight off any unwanted effects from the night before. It never got me too intoxicated I just felt great from morning till late at night and I didn't feel any burn out from the trip. Although I did eat everything we packed and had to make a trip back into town to buy more munchies. For you Cannasseurs out there the perfect food pairing trailer buds is cheesy poofs and beef jerky.

All in all it was a great trip and I would highly recommend two birds as a functional and social sativa strain....I guess you could say they really hit it out of the park (Couldn't resist)

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