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What Do I Need to Purchase Recreational Cannabis?

All you need is valid Government Issued photo ID (And be over 18 years of age)

What are the Frequent Higher Club Details ?

-One stamp per visit, per customer, a visit is defined as a 120 minute period from most recent visit etc. customers must be off premises during this period and not loitering near store. A second visit made after 120 minutes would be considered a seperate visit at Bow Cannabis’ Discretion -Customers can choose when to redeem the discounts -When a discount a stamp will be placed on the appropraite square indicating the discount has been redeemed -Customers must present card during visit in order to get a stamp, -We do not give out "make up" stamps from previous visits. Or replace lost cards with stamps from previous visits. -Frequent Higher Club Discounts cannot be combined are non combinable with other sales or offers -Discount applies to cannabis or accessories -Cards are handed out at Bow Cannabis’ discretion and are available while supplies last -Bow Cannabis reserves the right to render any card invalid, or refuse to stamp a card where it is believed the customer has manipulated, abused or broken the terms/conditions of the program. -Bow Cannabis reserves the right to modify, substitute the program rewards, or terminate the program at any time, without notice. -Cards hold no cash value -Bow Cannabis will periodically update these terms and conditions without notice.

Can I Bring My Kids in the Store?

While the store is perfectly child friendly and largely odour free. Provincial Regulations Prohibit Children entering the store Sorry.

Do you Sell Edibles? What do you Sell?

Yes! We sell... -Dried Cannabis (Flower for grinding, smoking etc) as well as various pre rolls -Edibles (Oils & Capsules), edibles including (Chocolate Gummies, Candies, Confectionary items etc.) -Vape Cartirdges and disposable pens. Our cartridges use a 510 thread, we also carry PAX era vape pods -Concentrates, Rosin, Shatter, Wax, as well as hash and even kief! -Topicals infused with THC, CBD or both -THC Bath salts -Seeds (More so around spring time) -Drinks! these drinks are nanemulsified, basically they hit and leave your system in about the same time as alcohol. We also sell acessories such as vaporizers, rolling papers, lighters, grinders, water pipes etc.

Where Can I use Cannabis? Will People be Smoking Near/in the Store?

You can use cannabis on any private property where you have permission. Please be mindful of your neighbours you do not want your smoke invading their personal space. There is an absolute Zero tolerance policy on anyone using cannabis in or near the store. If we see you we will kindly ask you to stop, and hopefully not have to take any further actions.

Do you Deliver?

Unforutnately we will not be able to Deliver recreational Cannabis.

Do you Carry CBD Oil? What CBD Products do you Carry?

Yes we have many varities of CBD oil in stock, drop by and we can find the right one for you. We carry CBD Flower, Topicals, Oils (obviously) Drinks, Edibles and Vape cartridges.

What do I need to work at a Cannabis Store?

You will need your sell safe certification, once that is complete you need to submit certificate of completion along with a criminal background check to the AGLC to receive your Qualified Cannabis Worker Designation. Click here for more information

We have some Common Questions listed in our FAQ below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.