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New Online Menu

We know, the interface is different and a little frustrating. Look under 'Collections' for concentrate break outs, as well as sale items and other promotions we're doing.

Some tips:

  1. You can search by province of origin. Only want to support Alberta producers? This system makes it easy.

  2. Comparison options makes it way easier to find items similar to the one you're looking at.

  3. Connects to our points system, if you gave us an email when you signed up. Next time you're in give us an email address and use it to make your online orders and the system will connect to your points.

(When sorting on THC or Price, the system shows all the formats of the product. So if we have 'ABC Cannabis' in both 3.5g and 28g, it shows the 3.5g regardless what size you searched on. )

And of course we're happy to assist with a quick tutorial.

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