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What's Kraken?

Hey Jamie here, the guy does 90% of the reviews around here. Before I start this review I want to talk about Boaz, the company that grew the Green Kraken. Boaz is to my knowledge Calgary's only active licensed producer and honestly as much as I wanted to love their flower back when I first tried it in December I was let down. After we spoke to a sales representative about these issues they promised to learn from their mistakes and that great things awaited us in the future. So when the new line of pre-roll strains came out by Boaz I was quick to grab some. I'm SUPER glad I decided to give them another try because they are currently one of my favorite growers on the market. After I had this pre-roll I have gone out and bought everything else they had available and have been pleased with gram.

When I first got a hold of these Green Kraken pre-rolls I liked the tight packaging, the joints were not rolling around or had any chance to bust/bend in the tube. Once inside the joints smelled very powerful and fruity, almost sour by the sweetness. A very well rolled joint with a decent filter and a great smell, everything was looking up.

Now I do have a preference towards indicas after work but this time I thought I would mix it up and try a very high test sativa with my roommate. I was surprised by how wickedly hyper/excited I got from just one joint! We were buzzing around the house looking for something to do, like a couple toddlers on speed we decided on watching the old ninja turtle movies. It felt like I was about to reach the pinnacle of my existence witnessing these 4 green gods conquer crime. I also found myself way...way too excited about the bad early 90’s special effects. Normally a joint and cheezy movie after work is the perfect way for me to chill out and relax but after the Green Kraken I was still wide awake and debating if it was too late to start cleaning the place...I mean I had put it off for over a week, but right then it just felt right. As I started to seriously contemplate my sudden custodial mood my roommate took advantage of my Kraken induced A.D.D.

“Hey we should go for a walk”

“Jamie it's 12:30 at night, are you still feelin it?”

“Yeaaap! Let's go get a pizza dude”

Long story short I ended up at the 7-11 just after 1:00 am looking for some snacks. I took the long way home, stopped by the river to watch the stars and made it back home in time to pass out in bliss. Green Kraken gets an A+ in my books.

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