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The High Seas

Welcome to another installment of Bud tender Reviews! Today we have Jamie reviewing High Seas by Reef Cannabis. This potent Sativa is actually derived from a well known strain called Ghost Train Haze. Typically Ghost Train Haze is known for being very uplifting, energizing and euphoric. Ghost Train Haze is also an immensely popular strain both online and from our in store experience. So sit back, batten your hatches and enjoy Jamie’s trip on the High Seas.

Let’s start with a fun fact about Reef. Did you know they have tons fish working for them that provide all the fertilizer for their plants? That's right, no chemicals involved at all just fish poop. In addition to their not so secret ingredient their plants are sustainably grown and hand trimmed etc. making them Canada’s first “Clean Green Certified” grower. Neat right? We also find their persistent nautical theme entertaining . I mean we know fish poop feeds the plants, but with names like Aqualitas (Company name), Reef (Brand Name), High Seas (Strain Name) etc. they seem pretty pre occupied with marine life.

Anywho enough about their fish based marketing it's time to talk about what matters. Starting with the packaging one can’t help but think it is a little overkill with the use of a child proof bag in addition to a child proof clam shell container. However any questions about the practicality of the packaging are quickly forgotten once you open the little clam shell. You get 3 perfectly rolled joints each held securely in place. It's hard to explain but if you have ever got a pack of pre rolled joints and found them just rolling around loose in a tube you will understand how nice it is to have them held tightly in place. (It's just very satisfying)

Once we got them open, me and a co-worker loved the piney taste, it wasn’t too harsh but still took my breath away and made my eyes water with just how potent it was! After sharing the joint while waiting for his bus I could definitely feel the tide starting to come in.

I decided to set sail for home and I could tell it was going to be a choppy night. I wish I could have recorded myself walking home that night because I'm sure I was moving like a b-list movie zombie.The world was a little hazy, things moved in slow motion, and I felt like I was running underwater. Each step was exaggerated and took WAY too long to bring down on the ground because I thought it was moving. Imagine walking on a boat crashing through the waves of the open sea! My texts were unreadable messes but I loved every moment of it stumbling home. What should have been a 7 minute walk ended up a 30 minute shamble. I am not sure what they feed their fish but damn those little flip flops produce results.

The seas didn't start to calm down until I got home, I was barely able to use the tv remote and don’t remember what I put on the tv but I'm sure it was funny! I ate everything I had for snacks and debated making a meal but I didn't trust myself with the stove, a knife, a rice cooker or even... cereal. With cooking proving an unsafe option I decided it was best to just leave it to the professionals and started watching a cooking show on the food network instead.

If your looking for a sativa strain to send you over the deep end but not into Davy Jones Locker I would highly suggest the High Seas for your next voyage. Just make sure you have your sea legs about you.

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