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Beware The Undercaker!

The Undercaker: The Blogs Back Baby!

That's right fellow cannabis connoisseurs Bow Cannabis’s world famous* blog is back! And this time we have an absolute killer to bring this old blog back from the dead just in time for the spooky season!

To give you a brief look behind the office door and into our minds, when ordering here at Bow Cannabis we spend a lot of time searching for and filling one of the biggest inventories in the city. Looking over the AGLC order sheets, seeing what we sold last week, seeing what's new/ exciting, taking notes of any holes in our inventory, listing to reps, reading emails from different producers, and of course hearing what our loyal (And very dashing looking if I say so myself) customers have to say, your reviews are so important to us!

But sometimes we bring in products because we just love the name.

“The Undercaker! That's an amazing pun! Terp Town? Under 35 bucks? F*ck it Lets get a case!” -Jamie, ordering for Bow Cannabis.

The Undercaker is a cross of Savage Hulk and Strawberry Shortcake making it technically a hybrid and it choked slammed me right into the sofa keeping me down for the 3 count with its heavy Indica feelings, but it wasn't sleepy which was an unexpected surprise. A solid body stone, similar to edibles, but I wasn’t drowsy or nodding off! With 3.75% terpenes in the bag it staaaaank (in the best way) the buds were white with crystals and it tasted absolutely great when I smoked it in my Volcano. Kinda fruity, kinda peppery? When I rolled a joint it burned with a nice white ash with some peppered in black spots.

I thought why not watch some wrestling while I indulged in some WWF inspired weed! I absolutely loved it. I was stoned enough to suspend my disbelief, but not so messed up I was useless and forgot what's going on. I think this would be the perfect weed for a cozy night at home watching your favorite show (with or without suplexes). So next time you want to get pleasantly sofa locked, grind up some of the Undercaker, put on your TV and feel this heavy weed Tombstone you into a chill night.

Quick Facts:

Strain: Undercaker

Producer: Terp Town

Format: 3.5g Dried Flower

THC: 33.27%


Total Terpenes 3.73%

Type: Hybrid

MSRP: $34.97

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