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Mollo THC Beer

(Photo Credit @williamwilks86 on Twitter)

Welcome again to another Jamie Ouellette exclusive cannabis review. In this edition we have Jamie try the world's first legal THC beer! Mollo is a new offering in the drinkables market from Hexo and Molson and while it has all the classic beer ingredients like malts, barley and hops etc. it is non alcoholic. Instead of alcohol it has 5mg of nano-emulsified THC and CBD. Pay attention to the “nano emulsified” part above, it basically means extremely rapid absorption and subsequent processing by your body. This means you will feel the effects onset and subside similarly to alcohol...but with none of the calories or hangover. Exciting stuff right? Well I can tell you first hand that Jamie was pretty jazzed to be bringing 5 of these little beauties out for the evening.

Here we join Jamie as he meets his friends for an evening of what is sure to be something.

Cracking open a cold one with the boys was a little different this week at my local music jam. I was lucky enough to get a few of the new Mollo drinks so I shared a couple with the gang to get different opinions. Everyone loved the classic “stubby” look of the bottles and if you ignore the warning label it looked exactly like some of the microbrews that come in stubbies. The taste was that of a crisp lager, a mild hint of citrus, not too hoppy, and very little bitterness. If you're familiar with the brand Big Rock and their Grasshopper lager, I would say that is the closest comparison. Sadly it was pretty flat, I don’t know if it was a shipping issue or if they don’t plan for them being overly carbonated but I wish I could have gotten some head on the beer when I poured it out. To be honest I was half expecting it to taste like flew-water so I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the beer.

The consensus was that we all liked the flavor and were surprised that we could not detect even a hint of Cannabis flavour/smell. It was a great novelty and conversation starter to have THC beer. The effects of the THC and the CBD were a great mix for a music jam. Just enough of a head high but not too enebrating and the right amount of CBD to mellow things out and make that extra long guitar solo just that much more bearable. I found I was able to really “feel” the music more. Honestly the experience was great and I found it to be a very viable alternative to alcohol. Dosing wise 2 Mollo’s and I was good, a longer night may have called for 3rd or 4th but for an average outing and my modest tolerance 2 was all that was required.

In the future I look forward to trying the Mollo out in bigger quantities and in a different situation to see if this is the replacement for beer I have been searching for. At only 30 calories a bottle it sounds a lot better for my waistline and is much easier to deal with the next morning. And come on it has CBD in it! it's practically a health product! ( I have been told I have to mention that was a joke)

**Update** I have had a solid week of Mollo and I have to say I’m very impressed! I only need 3 at most to get myself quite inebriated. Having a cold one after work is perfect and a lot more acceptable around my non smoking friends and family. I love the fast acting effects!

Also there is now a 2.5mg format available which is nicer for a longer night so you can have a drink in your hand the whole time.

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