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kolab CBD Mint Pen

Welcome once again to another review done by one of our bud tenders, Jamie! If you haven't seen his last review (Link) Here is a quick summary of his experience so far with legal cannabis.

Mint flavored CBD!? Who could resist? Not me, as someone who has a had medical issues I have been curious to try something that may provide relief and maybe a little fun too. This was not my first time trying out a concentrate vape pen/cartridge and I am happy to say that the effects of the Mint CBD Pen are much, much milder than my somewhat over the top experiences with high THC cartridges. The high THC pens send me from zero to done after only a few seconds. Seriously, I had a long solid pull from the Riff Grand Daddy Purps pen (a similar pull to what my co-worker had taken right before me) and I immediately forgot how shoes worked. So before even trying this pen I was a little cautious about dosing etc.

However this little pen made a great addition to my daily smoking routine. The pen itself felt solid, it had a full metal case and during use I didn’t feel any heat coming off the element. Wow! When they say mint flavour they are not joking! As you draw from the pen you can feel the signature mint tingle in your throat and mouth. The vapor has a pleasant minty aftertaste and smell even after holding it down long as I could. Feeling the mint as I exhaled out my nose was a fun sensation that I haven't had with any other legal vape.

Similar to the high THC pens I felt the effects pretty much immediately, there was definitely a slowness or “heavy” feeling which had me holding the hand rails all the way from my backyard smoking area back into my house. While CBD itself is non psychoactive this pen is choked full of terpenes and even a little THC so I could definitely feel the full entourage effect of everything coming together. Now I'm not a doctor and this purely my personal experience but it definitely relaxed me and the swelling in my knee (from arthritis) went down right away.

I would highly suggest this pen to anyone that wants to try CBD or anyone that wants to give a vape pen a try without the intensity of the high THC.

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