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Chocolate Rocket

Welcome back to another product review by Jamie! If you haven't seen his other blog posts check them out Here!

It’s Jamie again and Guess what!? Legal edibles are here! and they are a bit different than other offerings that you might have had in the past. This review focuses specifically on a few different chocolate options available in our store. So strap in folks and get ready to embark on a coco fueled journey to a fudge fun land.

Our first stop on this tour d'elegance is the Edison megabyte milk chocolate, it contains ten milligrams of THC (Like pretty much all legal edibles) and is made of very high quality milk chocolate. Seriously, if I paid ten bucks for one of these at a legit chocolate outlet in the mall I would not be disappointed even without the THC. About the size of a ping pong ball it was individually packed in a nice tight container that kept it tasting fresh.

“Point of interest: The legal limit for all edibles sold in Canada is 10mg of THC per package. Pretty much every product hits this limit whether its single piece or a full sized chocolate bar.”

If you haven't read my other reviews I should let you know I'm a “featherweight” when it comes to cannabis. So taking the full ten milligram THC truffle at once was pushing my limit. I started to feel the effects within the first hour and didn't come down for at least another 6. Giddy euphoric feelings made Netflix that night extra entertaining, I found the high lasted WAY too long for me. I watched a movie, went for a walk, watched some more tv, got the munchies and was still very stoned at 2pm.

“Point of Interest: While users more experienced in the black market might scoff at 10mg as a relatively small dose. Our experience is that legal market edibles are true to measure in terms of potency and are equivalent to black market edibles advertised with many times the THC content.”

Next, was the Bhang THC milk chocolate, which contains 10 milligrams THC over two pieces. I decided to eat just half to start. The quality of chocolate was not up to par with my Edison Byte experience, closer to the chocolate after Easter that was sitting in a child's basket a little too long. But at a third of the price if you're just looking for edible THC then it's a solid option. The effects felt very close to the Edison megabyte at 10mg but lasted only a few hours which was perfect for me. Great for a movie or a long walk.

"Point of Interest: No Matter the format (Chocolate, Gummy, or Cookie etc.) the effect is largely the same from edible to edible."

Lastly I really mixed things up and I had the Chowie Wowie 1:1 this is a small bar with 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. If you don’t know already I am a big fan of CBD and its body related effects. It was a good quality milk chocolate that melted in my mouth and tasted so good I was tempted to eat the full thing right away, I'm glad I didn't. I had half a bar about a hour before heading off to a poker game with friends….The mix of THC and CBD was a lot of fun. I got the body slowness from the CBD, and the buzzy head feeling from the THC, this chocolate was “Real heavy man” I felt slow, inebriated, and pleasantly buzzed. All of this was a perfect mix for hanging out with friends and enjoying an evening of talking and eating,

An Excerpt from the night...

“I got 5 red cards?....I call”

“Its not your turn Jamie”

“Oh …...? Go fish?”

Needless to say the Chowie Wowie was great for relaxing, not for my poker game.

Overall the Chocolates were a fun experience and I’m very excited to keep trying the different offerings available. With more and more edibles coming out each week my sugar filled journey is nowhere near done! Keep your eyes open for more reviews or come visit us and ask for recommendations!

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